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People are the primary resource for business operations. Guangzhou Shipyard International Nanhai Mechanical and Electrical Branch focuses on personnel training. We uphold the principle of "love talents, cherish talents, value talents" and build a stage for outstanding talents to realize the value of life.
the first,Training
We will provide training opportunities for employees of various departments of the company in a timely manner. Through a series of trainings, we can help you plan future development.
1. Pre-job training for new employees: The content includes employee manuals, basic rules and regulations of the enterprise, etc.
2. On-the-job training: Each department provides necessary on-the-job training to new employees according to their job requirements, and can only be employed independently after passing the training assessment.
3. On-the-job training: According to the annual training plan and job requirements, you will get professional training opportunities.
Second, assessment
Staff assessment is generally divided into mid-year assessment and annual assessment. The results of the annual assessment serve as the main basis for the payment of the salary at the end of the year. Your work attitude and performance determine whether you can obtain good assessment results.
Third, transfer
Depending on your ability, job performance, and the actual needs of the company, you may be transferred to another department, because we are convinced that it will be more conducive to realizing your potential.
Promotion and Development
The company provides equal opportunities for competition and development for each employee. With excellent work performance and enterprising, you can get promotion and engage in higher and more challenging jobs.

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