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Company disciplinary committee organized clean education for managers

Company disciplinary committee organized clean education for managers

On the afternoon of July 27, the company's Discipline Inspection Commission organized a total of 42 managers who were newly appointed and adjusted for key positions in the first half of 2016 to conduct integrity education. The company's party committee secretary, Han Guangde, conducted a collective and honest talk for everyone. He started from the five major aspects of "the current situation of anti-corruption, upholding discipline and rules, fulfilling the duties of building a clean and honest government, establishing a correct outlook on power, and consciously accepting supervision." , And combined with personal work experience to teach a vivid integrity education class. Secretary Han emphasized that "strict control means love", reminding all newly promoted and adjusted leading cadres to consciously accept supervision, always tighten the string of integrity and honesty, keep in mind the original intention, keep discipline and rules ahead, and Learn to calculate the "seven accounts" that violate disciplines and laws, and always be cautious, cautious, and independent, and truly realize conscious thinking and action.
Subsequently, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department made a briefing on the cases and typical cases that occurred in the group company and the company since 2015, and organized and watched the integrity education film "Fatal Breach-Former Director and Party Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Water Resources Department Huang Baiqing. "Warning Record of Violations", this warning record deeply analyzes the "two-sided" life of individual leading cadres in pursuing the transaction of money and power and using power to accumulate wealth. Through this study and education, the newly promoted attendees at the conference and the adjustment of key positions indicated that they were deeply educated, and they must observe the discipline and rules, be innocent and clean, and innovate in new posts, and live up to their expectations. The trust and expectations of the organization.
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