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"Chief worker" emerges in the machine tool industry

"Chief worker" emerges in the machine tool industry

With the popularity of the TV documentary "Great Country Craftsman", "Great Country Craftsman" has become a well-known "hot word" for the public, and many well-known machine tool companies such as CITIC Heavy Industry, Daguang Evergreen, Baoji Machine Tool have emerged. How to cultivate the "big country craftsmen" of the machine tool industry? How to make the public mention that China's machine tool products can be "awed" like Swiss watches and German machinery? Although the cultivation of "big country craftsmen" involves many points and covers a wide range, it has still become a major focus of the development of the machine tool industry.
It is imperative for us to cast the "artisan spirit" and cultivate more "big country artisans" to allow our manufacturing industry to gain a place in the world. And to improve the treatment of industrial workers so that they can be more respected and loved in society, they need a fulcrum and platform, not just paper articles. The emergence of the "Chief Worker" is an important fulcrum.
"Chief worker" is a position set up specifically for key positions in enterprises. Workers who have been awarded this title are generally higher in vocational skill level than other workers and have rich practical experience. Embedding the chief into the identity of the worker is a concrete manifestation of respect for skills and an innovation in philosophy.
At present, "Made in China" is making a strong step towards "China's intelligent manufacturing". The craftsmanship is especially important for the machine tool industry, because machinery and equipment are made by thousands of workers from hundreds of workers in nearly 100 companies. Yes, as long as one of the key processes is out of order, the entire equipment will not work well.
Indeed, according to the theory of “benefit of barrels”, the quality of a machine tool often depends on the key processes of a part. The change of machine tools and equipment made in China from "available and not reliable" to "easy to use and very reliable" depends on the improvement of the entire industrial level.
Quality and reliability are designed, manufactured and managed, but in the end it still depends on the values, technical level and business capabilities of the designers, workers and managers, especially the technical level of the worker masters. We are familiar with the "King of Kings" , "Welding King", "Ni Zhifu Drill Bit", etc., are all great craftsmen created in labor practice. Below, follow the steps of the China Machine Tool Business Network Xiaobian, to appreciate the processing style of those "chief workers" in the machine tool industry, and see how they inherit the "craftsman spirit".
Ayutthaya craftsman Xie Haibo: achieve zero breakthroughs in medals for China
Xie Haibo: a teacher of Foshan Nanhai Technological College, a member of the Communist Youth League, won the title of “2011 Nanhai District Foshan City Post Technical Expert Model Pacemaker”, “2013 Foshan Outstanding Contribution High Skilled Talent” title, and 2014 “National Technical Expert” title.
"The thin-walled part of the test piece has a diameter of 92.985mm, and the distance between the two sides is 20mm. This test piece is qualified." Recently, in the CNC workshop of nearly 10,000 square meters in Nanhai Technician College, Xie Haibo was guiding the students in front of the CNC machine. Xie Haibo, 25, is a teacher at Nanhai Technician College. Although young, he has attracted much attention because of his outstanding achievements in the field of technicians.
Yao Rusheng: Interpreting the spirit of craftsman from programmer to chief engineer
After graduating from technical secondary school in 1993, Yao Rusheng has been engaged in technology development and technology management at Guangdong Jirong Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. When asked about the development and design of air-conditioning products for several years, would I feel bored, Yao Rusheng said firmly: "No. I am very interested in the development and design of air-conditioning products, and the company attaches great importance to technical personnel, and there are new ones from time to time. Projects can be challenging, and I'm happy to immerse myself in the process of continuous learning. "
From the programmer of the CNC machining center, to the product designer, the director of the equipment factory, the director of the design room, the director of the technical department, the director of the product business department, and then the chief engineer of the company, Yao Rusheng summarized his career with "keep learning": "We Now the industrial air conditioners are made. The requirements of industrial air conditioners are different from other air conditioners. All air conditioners are non-standard and must be done according to user requirements. "Yao Rusheng told reporters that the design of each air conditioner is a learning of new knowledge process.
In 2015, as the second completer, Yao Rusheng participated in the scientific research project "Key Technologies of Air Conditioning Equipment for Bimetal Composite Structure Nuclear Power Station" and won the third prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award.
Great Master Craftsman Tan Zhiqiang: Heavy Equipment Manufacturing "Heartman"
Tan Zhiqiang is the key equipment of CITIC Heavy Industry, currently the largest CNC gantry boring and milling machine in the country, the captain, and the "Tan Zhiqiang Craftsman Studio" webmaster.
Tan Zhiqiang graduated from high school in 1986. He started as a boring and milling apprentice. Every day, he worked on the machine tool with boring and milling cutters to process various components. According to the relevant standards, when the boring and milling machine operates the machine tool, the hole size error is controlled within the range of 0.5 mm, and the surface finish of the component is polished to 6.5. Tan Zhiqiang is not satisfied with this, but sets himself a more stringent standard-the hole size error is controlled in the range of 0.2 mm, and the finish is aimed at a higher level of 3.2.
In the past two years, Tan Zhiqiang and his team of large artisan studios took the initiative to undertake the company's major technical research projects and solve 19 key technical problems, creating a value of more than RMB 12.28 million for the company. Tan Zhiqiang was named "model Communist Party Member" by CITIC Heavy Industries for 7 consecutive years. On the eve of May 1st this year, Tan Zhiqiang won the "National May 1st Labor Medal" again.
The times are advancing. Whether technology, equipment or talents are changing, but the spirit of craftsmanship is unchanged. Being top-notch in the industry you are engaged in not only promotes your own development, it is also a magnificent force for advancing the times. Many "Chief Workers" emerging in the machine tool industry are alive, bringing fresh blood to "Made in China 2025".
The responsibility of the manufacturer is to take the eyes that are good at discovering beauty, and lead their own creative subconscious minds along the way, constantly inspiring the internal motivation, and discovering the beautiful scenery of technological growth from innovation. Glory is labor, skills are precious, and greatness is created. I believe that with the joint efforts of the “Chief Workers”, the machine tool industry will definitely open a new page and express more glory..
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