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SINCE 1954

Specializing in the production of hydraulic plate shears, hydraulic bending machines, grooving machines



Technology R&D

Self-developed and produced various series of hydraulic bending machines, hydraulic plate shears and refrigerator door shell sheet metal production line products, and elevator series products have won the title of ministerial and provincial quality products for many times, and have a number of patents.

Service market

After 40 years of technology absorption, digestion, improvement and innovation, the technical content of the products has been continuously improved, and more than 100 patented technologies have been owned, and the products have been exported to all parts of the world.

Shipyard International
Shipyard International

Advanced equipment

It has more than 300 sets of advanced, large and complete processing equipment, including the large FT180 floor boring machine imported from Germany, the three-axis CNC gantry milling machine imported from the United States, and has more than 50 years of production of marine machinery, general machinery, hydraulic machinery, lifting machinery, special machinery (home appliance sheet metal automation

Strong backing

Guangzhou Shipbuilding International Co., Ltd. is a super-large enterprise under the CSSC (World Top 500) of China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1954. After more than 60 years of construction and development, it has become a state-level company directly under the central government that integrates ships, major steel structures and electromechanical equipment

Shipyard International