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Supply-side reform will give birth to five years of platinum in machine tool industry

The supply-side reform gave birth to platinum in the machine tool industry for five years
The essence of "supply-side reform" is not to solve the oversupply we understand, but to solve the mismatch between supply and demand. After more than 30 years of rapid economic growth, many people have moved from low income and low consumption to medium and high income and high consumption. According to the survey data of a third party agency, China's middle and high income groups have exceeded 200 million. The total basic demand exists, but the change in income has also led to the drastic change in demand. People's consumption should not only have, but also be good. From mobile phones to smart phones; From TV to HD TV; From having air conditioning to pursuing low noise and energy saving air conditioning; From taking ordinary trains to bullet trains; From self-driving to driving a private plane ------; The better and higher pursuit of consumer demand puts forward higher requirements for equipment manufacturing, and the higher requirements for equipment manufacturing reflect the higher requirements for machine tools.
Good products call for good equipment, and good equipment requires good machine tools. The core of the supply-side reform is to meet people's continuous pursuit of better and higher demand and make preparations. In recent years, under the condition that the market is not very good, a motorcycle accessory enterprise in Chongqing has added equipment investment, upgraded and transformed the existing equipment, introduced several high-end CNC machine tools, and eliminated the original low-end ordinary machine tools and low-end CNC machine tools. Enterprises that upgrade and transform equipment like this are not only in the motorcycle industry, but also in other industries, not only in Chongqing, but also in equipment manufacturing enterprises across the country. However, not all equipment enterprises and industries are doing this, but equipment manufacturing enterprises that are sensitive to the market, pursue reform and can collect funds. It is they that have accelerated the recovery of the machine tool market and the platinum five years that the machine tool industry will surely come.
Upgrade of production to service industry model
For ordinary machine tools and low-end CNC machine tools, you can recruit one or two people at random without looking at drawings, drawings or simple training. With the widespread use of medium and high-end CNC machine tools, once a problem occurs, it cannot be solved by ordinary workers or technicians. This requires the machine tool industry not only to provide better products, but also to provide good services, including pre-sale, sales and after-sales services. Only good products and good services can provide users with a better use experience. A transformation and upgrading from product-centered to user-centered industrial model is accelerating in the machine tool industry.
The transformation and upgrading from product-centered to user-centered is not determined by simple slogans and several systems. The first is an ideological revolution, from the top strategic design thinking to the grass-roots tactical implementation concept; Secondly, it is a revolution of business process reengineering in the machine tool industry, from design to service, production to sales, so that customers can experience simple and considerate product design and service care; Then there is a management innovation in the machine tool industry, from the product production and sales performance management as the center to the customer satisfaction management as the core of comprehensive process reengineering and management. In the past, manufacturing enterprises were driven by production and sales, and transformed and upgraded to a new four-wheel drive created by customer-centric customer service, product design, production quality and sales channels.
The upgrading of the industrial model is a crisis and an opportunity, not a year or two. The recovery of the machine tool market is indicating that China's machine tool market is ushering in five years of platinum, eight years or ten years.
Internet plus machine tool business model revolution
Just think, if you want to buy a pen for your child today, you are willing to drive an hour to Jiefang sign, spend a long time to find a parking space, then run to the stationery store on the third floor of the mall, and buy a pen back. Half a day has passed! I am still willing to settle it on my mobile phone or computer and wait for delivery to my door. If you are the purchasing director or the boss wants to purchase a batch of computers, are you willing to take a car to the wholesale market, computer city, supplier company, trade fair or just use your fingers on your mobile phone or computer? The most closely related thing to us is to pay the phone bill. Are you willing to look for the business hall or recharge card store all over the street, as in the past, or do you recharge quickly within 1 minute on your mobile phone or computer?
The real Internet is not only the display of information, but also the traditional thinking. The core of the real internet tide is interactive communication and valuable sharing; It is the satisfaction of cheap, convenient, fast and inert human nature. At present, there is no good business model of Internet plus machine tools. On the one hand, the production and sales designers in the manufacturing industry are aging, which has delayed the widespread use of the Internet in the machine tool industry; On the other hand, the mass network or display network lacks professional thinking and the solution of service problems in users' use.
Internet plus machine tool is a revolution in business model. It eliminates all asymmetric information. It is the perfect combination of information and channels. Information and reputation reshape the traditional marketing concept. The Internet reshaping industry is first of all the subversion of brand machine tools: users no longer pay for brand premium, but only pay for product quality, service and technology. The innovation of the business model of the machine tool industry is accelerating the arrival of the platinum five years of the machine tool industry.

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