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The "chief workers" in the machine tool industry emerge and the craftsman spirit continues to be inherited

With the popularity of the television documentary "Craftsman of a Big Country", "Craftsman of a Big Country" has become a familiar "hot word" to the public, and many well-known machine tool enterprises such as CITIC Heavy Industry, Daguang Changrong and Baoji Machine Tool have emerged with skilled talents. How to cultivate "big country craftsmen" in the machine tool industry? How can the public mention Chinese machine tool products in the same way as Swiss watches and German machinery? Although the cultivation of "big country craftsman" involves many points and a wide range of aspects, it still becomes a major focus of the development of the machine tool industry.
It is urgent to cultivate "craftsman spirit", cultivate more "big country craftsman" and let our manufacturing industry compete for a place in the world. To improve the treatment of industrial workers and let them get more respect and love in society, we need a fulcrum and platform, not just a paper article. The emergence of "chief worker" is an important fulcrum
"Chief worker" is a position specially set for key positions in the enterprise. The workers with this title are generally higher than other workers in the level of professional skills, and have rich practical experience. Embedding the chief into the worker's identity is a concrete manifestation of respect for skills and an innovation in philosophy.
At present, "Made in China" is striding forward to "Made in China". The spirit of craftsmanship is particularly important for the machine tool industry, because the mechanical equipment is made of thousands of parts and processed by thousands of workers in nearly 100 enterprises. As long as one of the key processes goes wrong, the whole equipment cannot work well.
Indeed, according to the theory of "barrel benefit", the quality of a machine tool often depends on the key process of a part. However, the transformation of machine tool equipment made in China from "usable, not reliable" to "usable, very reliable" depends on the improvement of the overall industrial level.
Quality and reliability are produced by design, manufacturing and management, but ultimately depend on the values, technical level and business ability of designers, workers and managers, especially the technical level of workers. We are familiar with the "cutting tool king", "welding king" and "Ni Zhifu drill", which are all great craftsmen created in labor practice. Next, follow the pace of the small editor of China Machine Tool Business Network to appreciate the processing style of the "chief workers" in the machine tool industry and see how they inherit the "craftsman spirit"!
Xie Haibo, a craftsman in Dacheng: Achieve zero medal breakthrough for China
Xie Haibo, a teacher of Foshan Nanhai Technician College and a member of the Communist Youth League, won the title of "2011 Foshan Nanhai District Post Technical Expert Pacesetter", "2013 Foshan Outstanding Contribution High-skilled Talents", and 2014 "National Technical Expert".
"The diameter of the thin wall part of the test piece is 92.985 mm, and the distance between the two sides is 20 mm, so this test piece is qualified." Recently, in the CNC workshop of nearly 10000 square meters of Nanhai Institute of Technology, Xie Haibo is guiding students in front of the CNC machine tool. Xie Haibo, 25, is a teacher of Nanhai Institute of Technology. Although he is young, he has attracted much attention because of his outstanding achievements in the field of technology.
Yao Rusheng: Interpreting the spirit of craftsmanship from programmer to chief engineer
After graduating from technical secondary school in 1993, Yao Rusheng has been engaged in technical development and technical management in Guangdong Jirong Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. When asked whether the development and design of air conditioning products would be boring after several years, Yao Rusheng firmly said, "No. I am very interested in the development and design of air conditioning products, and the company attaches great importance to technical talents. There are new projects that can be challenged from time to time, and I am willing to immerse myself in the process of continuous learning."
From the programmer of the CNC machining center, to the product designer, the director of the equipment factory, the director of the design room, the director of the technology department, the director of the product business department, and to the chief engineer of the company, Yao Rusheng summed up his career with "continuous learning": "What we are doing now is industrial air conditioning. The requirements of industrial air conditioning are different from other air conditioners. All air conditioners are non-standard and must be done according to the user's requirements." Yao Rusheng told reporters, The design of each air conditioner is a process of learning new knowledge.
In 2015, as the second adult, Yao Rusheng participated in the scientific research project "Key Technology of Air Conditioning Equipment for Bi-metal Composite Structure Nuclear Power Plant", which won the third prize of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award.
Tan Zhiqiang, the great craftsman, is the "helmsman" of heavy weapons manufacturing
Tan Zhiqiang is the key equipment of CITIC Heavy Industry, the leader and monitor of the largest CNC gantry boring and milling machine in the country at present, and the stationmaster of "Tan Zhiqiang Big Craftsman Studio".
In 1986, Tan Zhiqiang graduated from high school and worked as an apprentice in boring and milling. His daily work is to process various parts with boring and milling cutters on the machine tool. According to relevant standards, when the boring and milling workers operate the machine tool, it is qualified if the hole size error is controlled within 0.5 mm and the surface finish of the parts is polished to 6.5. Tan Zhiqiang was not satisfied with this, but set a more stringent standard for himself - the hole size error was controlled within 0.2 mm, and the smoothness was targeted at a higher level of 3.2.
In the past two years, Tan Zhiqiang and his large craftsman studio team have taken the initiative to undertake 19 major technical research projects and solve key technical problems of the company, creating more than 12.8 million yuan for the company. Tan Zhiqiang has been rated as "Model Communist" by CITIC Heavy Industry for 7 consecutive years. On the eve of May Day this year, Tan Zhiqiang won the "National May Day Labor Medal".
The times are advancing, and both technology, equipment and talents are changing, but the spirit of craftsmanship remains unchanged. Being at the forefront of the industry in which you are engaged can not only promote your own development, but also promote the development of the times. The emergence of many "chief workers" in the machine tool industry is a living existence, bringing fresh blood to "Made in China 2025".
The responsibility of the manufacturer is to walk with his eyes good at discovering beauty, lead his subconscious of innovation, constantly stimulate the internal power, and discover the beautiful scenery from innovation on the way of technological growth. Glorious labor, valuable skills and great creation. I believe that with the joint efforts of the "chief workers", the machine tool industry will turn a new page and express more glories.

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