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Where is the way for China's machine tool industry to break through?

In the past two years, China's machine tool industry has indeed encountered challenges, but challenges and opportunities coexist. For the development of our machine tool industry, our government and machine tool enterprises have also made efforts. As the saying goes, "the right medicine to the case can cure the disease", then where is the way for China's machine tool industry, especially high-end CNC machine tools, to break through?
Where is the way out?
At present, the global machine tool industry is still at a low ebb, and there is no obvious sign of industry recovery; However, the domestic machine tool industry has three characteristics: the industry is at the stage of imitation, the key core technology is hollow, and the industry is mired in the middle and low end market. Industry insiders said that the three key ways for the domestic machine tool industry to break through are to reduce production capacity at the middle and low end, replace imports at the high end and enter the machine tool consumption market.
Among them, the promotion of medium-low end de-capacity depends on the cooperation of enterprises, local governments and the state, and the resistance in this process includes the local government's tax and other interest games; In addition, personnel placement after capacity reduction, as well as capital and R&D investment in high-end capacity, are also difficult problems to be solved.
The substitution of imported high-end CNC machine tools is the biggest goal and opportunity for domestic machine tools at this stage. At present, some domestic enterprises, such as Nippon Precision Machine, Yawei, Shenyang Machine Tool, Guangzhou CNC and so on, have a certain accumulation of high-end CNC machine tool technology and production and processing technology. The short board is the gap with foreign countries in processing accuracy and product stability. If the problem of industrialization of high-end CNC machine tools is solved, the gap between Made in China and German Industry 4.0 will be significantly reduced.
Entering the field of machine tool consumption from complete machine assembly is the third way for China's machine tool industry to break through. Despite the downturn in the machine tool market, the machine tool consumption market is in good condition, and the performance of listed companies related to machine tool parts is also quite good. A researcher from a securities firm said, "Although the growth rate of the machine tool market is almost stagnant, the replacement market for key parts of machine tools is huge; in addition, the post-machine tool market for the transformation and upgrading of waste machine tools also has great potential."
Future development is still foreseeable
Breaking through the shackles from the above three paths, together with the adjustment of economic structure and the deepening of government-enterprise cooperation, the machine tool industry will develop rapidly. It is understood that the production of CNC machine tools in China has maintained a high growth rate due to the sharp increase in the demand for important equipment manufacturing industries such as national defense, aviation, high-speed rail, automobile and mold. The annual compound growth rate of the production of CNC machine tools in China in the past five years is 37.39%. Based on the total assets data of China's CNC machine tool industry and China's economic growth data in recent years, and according to the linear regression prediction method, it is preliminarily estimated that the asset size of China's CNC machine tool industry will reach 270 billion yuan by 2020.
In fact, the importance of machine tool equipment has been fully reflected in the "Made in China 2025" and the technical roadmap. High-grade CNC machine tools have been identified as one of the ten key breakthrough areas in the strategy of manufacturing power, and breakthroughs in the other nine areas also depend on whether machine tool equipment can take the lead in strengthening. According to the data, the domestic market of high-end CNC machine tools has a scale of tens of billions of yuan and has a good growth rate, but this market is almost monopolized by foreign high-end CNC machine tools, and there is huge import substitution space.
  It is believed that after another 5-10 years of efforts, China's home appliances, mobile phones and other industries today may be the bright future of China's high-end CNC machine tools and even the entire machine tool industry.

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